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Phl Embassy in Mexico inaugurates newly- established Phl Honorary Consul’s office in Belize
posted 20-Jun-2013  ·  
First Secretary and Consul Angelo V. Amonoy congratulates Honorary Consul Mikhail Arguelles after taking his oath of office.
The Philippine Embassy in Mexico informed the Department  of Foreign Affairs that that the newly-established Philippine Honorary Consul’s office in Belize was officially inaugurated at a formal ceremony held in the evening of June 10 at the Matalon Business Center in Belize City, Belize's commercial, educational and cultural capital along the country's Caribbean seaboard.

The inauguration rite was attended by guests from the government and business sectors as well as from the diplomatic and Filipino communities. Leading the Belizean government at the ceremony was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General Wilfred Peter Elrington.

The diplomatic corps was well represented, with the British high commissioner and the ambassadors of the United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Cuba in attendance. Many of the honorary consuls general and consuls also attended, including those of Japan, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Peru and Lebanon.

First Secretary and Consul Angelo V. Amonoy, who represented the Philippine Embassy in Mexico at the ceremony, administered the oath of office to the Philippines's first honorary consul in Belize, Atty. Mikhail Arguelles, before some 80 Filipino nationals who also attended the event.

In his remarks, Consul a.h. Arguelles thanked the embassy for its initiative in establishing an honorary consular post in Belize. He expressed his commitment to work towards ensuring the welfare of the Filipino community in Belize and in promoting greater understanding and cooperation between the Philippines and Belize.

On behalf of the Embassy, Consul Amonoy said that the establishment of a Philippine representation in Belize opens up new avenues for a mutually beneficial partnership between the Philippines and Belize, and expressed the Philippine government's resolve to nurture and further deepen its political, economic and cultural relations with Belize, with the assistance of our new honorary consul.

A former British Crown Colony, Belize is a young, diverse and resource-rich country which gained its independence in 1981. Its government is pursuing a development strategy that is focused on promoting domestic and foreign investment in the areas of internationally traded services (ITS), tourism, agribusiness, aquaculture, mining, petroleum and energy. Presently, Belize is arguably the fastest-growing tourist destination in Central American and the Caribbean. It also has a fast-consolidating business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, with its young, educated and English-speaking population.

After the official inauguration, the Filipino community held an advance celebration of the 115th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence. Consul a.h. Arguelles read the President's message while Consul Amonoy conveyed SFA's message on the occasion. The audience was also treated to some song and dance renditions by Filcom members.

Consul Amonoy also extended passport renewal and other consular services to the Filipinos in Belize in the morning and afternoon of June 10.

(Left photo) Consul Amonoy shakes hands with newly-sworn Honorary Consul Arguelles. (Right photo) Consul a.h. Arguelles and his fiancée (right) poses for a souvenir photo with Consul and Mrs. Amonoy (left).
(Left photo) Members of the Filipino community in Belize join in the celebration during the inauguration of the newly established Philippine Honorary Consulate in Belize City. (Right photo) Members of the diplomatic corps come together to congratulate new Consul a.i. Arguelles.
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