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Rediscovering Nunungan’s Mt. Inayawan
By Lord Leos Lavv Ladonga
posted 6-Oct-2011  ·  
With strong support from the local community, provincial government, and other stakeholders, the Mount Inayawan Range Natural Park may soon be next tourist attraction in the province.

This was the observation of the Youth for Development (Y4D), after they joined a group of nature lovers on a trek towards Mount Inayawan in the interior town of Nunungan, in whose vicinity the Lake Nunungan is found.

The group was led by soldiers from the 35th Infantry (Makamandag) Battalion (35IB), Philippine Army, with out-of-school youths, local media, Y4D leaders, non-government and people’s organizations (NGO/PO) and some government employees.

With its calm crystal clear waters complemented by the cool mountain breeze, the place is ideal for meditation and relaxation after a day of nature exploration.

The nature trek to Lake Nunungan was one of the highlights of a 3-day camp, along with a motocross competition and a boat race across the expansive waters of the lake.

Meanwhile, in a bid to further preserve the natural resources in Nunungan, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo issued Presidential Proclamation No. 1344, declaring Mount Inayawan Range Natural Park as a protected area.

As a protected area, the natural park is placed under the administrative control and monitoring of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Now, threatened species inside the more than 3,600 hectares of the park freely roam in their natural habitat as illegal poachers are kept at bay by military forces patrolling the boundaries of the municipality.

Integral also to the development of the natural park is the establishment of a secured territory that will entice local and foreign tourists to explore the wonders of nature in Nunungan.

Moving towards this goal, the 35IB has been instrumental in strengthening peace in the area by closely coordinating with traditional and local government leaders.

Located 1,535 meters above sea level, Lake Nunungan is composed of three other lakes of different sizes.

It holds an abundant supply of fish grown by the local folks and sits at the heart of Mount Inayawan which has been identified by nature trekkers and mountaineers as a great venue for regular climbs and adventure tours. (PIO/PIA-10)

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